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Vaitheeswaran Koil Nadi Astrology

The Vitheeswaran Koil Naadi Center is not only one of the most seasoned but rather is additionally the most acclaimed crystal gazing focus the world has ever seen.

Vaitheeswaran Koil Nadi Astrology

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Vaitheeswaran Koil or Pullirukkuvelur is a Hindu sanctuary devoted to the Lord Shiva, situated in the Indian condition of Tamil Nadu. Shiva is revered as Vaitheeswaran or the "Lord of mending" and it is trusted that petitions to Vaitheeswaran can cure ailments. Vaitheeswaran is a Tamil subsidiary from vaidya (Doctor) and Ishvara (God/Master). The managing god is Sri vaidyanatha. He is the God of Healing. When articulating in Tamil, it sounds like "vaideeswaran". It is one of the nine Navagraha (nine planets) sanctuaries and is related with the planet Mars (Angaraka).

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